Sky Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to raising funds to advance research and increase awareness for the early detection and treatment of pancreas cancer
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Goals For Improved Survival From Pancreas Cancer


A $50,000 grant from the foundation's research fund at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, MI is awarded annually to a Karmanos scientist providing innovative pancreas cancer research

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Sky Foundation, Inc. awards an annual grant, up to $50,000, that focuses on early detection research for pancreas cancer

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The creation of a pancreas cancer database at Henry Ford Health System with the potential to outline the disparity in cancer care that will allow more novel and effective cancer treatment

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A $50,000 grant was awarded to the University of Michigan Pancreatic Cancer Center by the foundation to study the role of a key new molecule that promotes the progression and metastasis of pancreas cancer

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Karmanos receives $50,000 grant from the Sky Foundation for pancreatic cancer research

Rafael Fridman, Ph.D., professor, Department of Pathology at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State School of Medicine, has been awarded a second-year $50,000 grant from Sky Foundation, Inc., for pancreatic cancer research. This brings the total funding from Sky Foundation for Dr. Fridman's research to $100,000.

Dr. Fridman and his research colleague Howard Crawford, Ph.D., at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, are collaborating to investigate what causes pancreatic cancer cells to become so deadly and resistant to chemotherapy. Their research focuses on the actions of a unique family of genes, known as Discoidin Domain Receptor (DDR) kinases that act as sensors of the cancer microenvironment. These kinases signal a response to a web of collagen, which is abundantly present in pancreatic cancer tissues and plays a critical role in the survival of tumor cells.

This innovative research of Drs. Fridman and Crawford has the potential to identify DDRs as new targets for intervention in this deadly cancer.

"We are extremely grateful to receive another $50,000 grant from the Sky Foundation for our pancreatic cancer research," said Dr. Fridman. "This funding will help us to clarify the expression and role of DDRs in experimental models of pancreatic cancer and in human tumor samples. It will also help determine the therapeutic effects of targeting DDRs in pancreatic cancer models. We hope that our research will one day contribute to the expansion of new drugs to help stop this deadly disease."

Sky Foundation, Inc., is dedicated to raising awareness and funding research for the early detection and treatment of pancreas cancer. Karmanos has been a proud partner with Sky Foundation since the foundation's inception in 2009 and has received more than $500,000 in grants for pancreatic cancer research.

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Pancreas Cancer Deaths on the Rise

Pancreas cancer is anticipated to move from the 4th to the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths by 2020. This will be second only to lung cancer. Pancreas cancer symptoms are often vague and can include pain (usually abdominal or back pain), weight loss, jaundice, loss of appetite, nausea, sudden-onset diabetes, and depression.

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All donations made in memory or in honor of someone are sent without delay to one of Sky Foundation's research projects. Your entire contribution supports our team's efforts right away, so your tribute has an immediate impact on vital pancreas cancer research.

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