2024 Cancer Statistics: Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate Increases to 13%

Pancreatic Cancer 5 year survival rate increases to 13% which means more hope. In terms of lives extended, this one percentage point increase is significant. It means 664 more loved ones will enjoy life’s moments five years after their pancreatic cancer diagnosis. The research in early detection is translating to improved survival rates.

American Cancer Society releases 2024 statistics. There is some good news, but some alarming statistics. The good news is research is helping prevent and diagnosis cancer. 4.1 millions fewer people will pass away from cancer in 2024. However, the cases will climb to startling levels. External factors such as lifestyle and social disparities are contributing factors.

Although U.S. cancer cases will eclipse 2 million for the first time this year, there is good news. Lower smoking rates, earlier detection and improved treatments have lowered death rates over the past three decades, a new report said.

The American Cancer Society’s annual cancer statistics report projects 611,720 cancer deaths this year, a slight increase from a year ago. The cancer death rate dropped 33% from 1991 through 2021, according to the most recent statistics available, the group said, due to cutting edge research and vaccination treatments.

But researchers are concerned about increasing rates of cancer in younger populations and the types of of cancer, including the pancreas. Click here to read more.