Episode #102: Whipple Diabetics

Dr. Kathleen Estrada discusses the functions of the pancreas, focusing on its endocrine role in glucose regulation. The pancreas contains islets of Langerhans, which secrete insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin. Insulin lowers blood sugar levels, while glucagon raises it. Type 3C diabetes, a subtype of diabetes, results from damages to the pancreas and affects exocrine function, leading to insulin and glucagon deficiency, causing blood sugar fluctuations. She also talks about the relationship between insulin production and pancreatectomy locations, with distal pancreatectomy having a higher risk of Type 3C diabetes. The video covers various insulin types and management, the importance of good blood sugar control, the effects of low blood sugar, and recent advancements in technology, such as Continuous Glucose Monitors and insulin pumps. Lastly, Kathleen touches on the experiences and insights of a Whipple procedure survivor regarding blood sugar regulation post-surgery.



00:00:00     Discussion on the endocrine functions of the pancreas, specifically focusing on glucose regulation.

00:05:00     Type 3C diabetes, a subtype of diabetes that belongs to Type 3 and beyond, which includes conditions affecting the exocrine pancreas.

00:10:00     The relationship between the location of pancreatic resection and the development of Type 3C diabetes.

00:15:00     Different types of insulin used by people with diabetes.

00:20:00    The importance of good blood sugar control for individuals with diabetes.

00:25:00     The insulin pen, a device used for insulin injection, and its side effects & primary functions, specifically low blood sugar.

00:30:00     Recent advancements in diabetes technology, specifically Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs).

00:35:00     Advancements in insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs) for managing diabetes.

00:40:00     The Bionic Pancreas, a new device designed to help manage blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

00:45:00     A survivor discusses the cyclical nature of their blood sugar levels, which alternate between insulin resistance and carbohydrate resistance.

00:50:00     A survivor of pancreatic cancer shares her experiences and offers insights on Type 3C diabetes, which she does not have type 1 or type 2.