Stephanie Dougan, PhD

Stephanie Dougan received her PhD in Immunology from Harvard University. She then performed a postdoctoral fellowship with Hidde Ploegh at Whitehead Institute. Dr. Dougan joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 2014, where her lab uses unique preclinical models to study the immune response to pancreatic cancer. She is particularly interested in why pancreatic cancer has been so refractory to immunotherapy, and has been developing new immunotherapies for this devastating disease. Dr. Dougan is a Pew-Stewart Scholar in Cancer Research, a Bill and Melinda Gates Global Health Innovation Scholar, a Melanoma Research Alliance Young Investigator, and received a Pathway to Leadership Award from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and AACR. She is also dedicated to training young scientists, and received a Young Mentor Award from Harvard Medical School in 2019.