The Sky Foundation Raised More Than $400,000 For Pancreatic Cancer Research In 2015

The proceeds from three Detroit area fundraisers have been used to make grants to research projects at the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont hospital.

“We’re blessed to have so many wonderful donors,” said Sky Foundation’s Sheila Kasselman. “The more people we can make aware of the strides taking place in pancreatic cancer research, the more we can help.”

The National Cancer Institute estimates there will be some 46,420 new diagnoses of pancreatic cancer in the U.S. this year. That number is on the rise.

The ninth most common cancer, pancreatic cancer is now the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths. Most diagnoses aren’t made until the cancer is in the advanced stages. Discovered in earlier stages, treatment improves survival rates dramatically.

Known risk factors include family history, Lynch Syndrome, BRCA1 and BTCA2 mutations, as well as age, smoking and obesity.

A pancreatic cancer survivor, Kasselman founded Sky in 2008.