Scientific Advisory Committee

Sky’s Scientific Advisory Committee includes physicians, researchers and professionals. Provided funding is available, the committee invites requests for proposals from researchers working on early detection of pancreatic cancer. The committee may then recommend funding to Sky Foundation’s governing board, which makes the final decision. The committee also reviews annual progress reports about funded research projects. Research is funded for a single year. Support may be extended based on that progress.

Cyrus Piraka, MD

Cyrus Piraka, MD, is section chief, advanced therapeutic endoscopy; director, advanced therapeutic endoscopy fellowship, in the division of gastroenterology at
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David S. Kwon, MD

David S. Kwon, MD, is an oncology surgeon at Henry Ford Health System and assistant professor of surgery at Wayne
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Scott D. Moore

Scott Moore
Scott D. Moore is an attorney based in suburban Detroit, a member of Sky’s governing board and an ampullary cancer
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Howard Crawford, PhD

University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor Crawford holds joint appointments in the Department Molecular and Integrative Physiology and the Department of Internal Medicine,
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Matthew HG Katz, MD

University Of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Katz is an associate professor in the department of Surgical Oncology at the
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Philip A. Philip, MD, PhD

Philip A. Philip
Philip A. Philip, MD, PhD is multidisciplinary team leader of gastrointestinal oncology and professor of oncology and medicine at the
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